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At Northern Waters Inc. we have trained technicians qualified to provide the following services for your irrigation system:

  • Spring start-up
  • Mid-Season Tune up
  • Winterization
  • Repairs
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Renovations or Upgrades
  • Backflow testing and repair

All of our service trucks are well stocked with materials common to most irrigation systems, as well as specialized diagnostic equipment needed for troubleshooting.

It is important at Northern Waters Inc. to stay in touch with any changes in our industry, so that we can offer you the latest and most current information and services. We will do our best to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision for your landscape.


We have experience with most major brands of centrifugal pumps and controls.

We can service, repair or replace pumps that supply water to irrigation systems, pressure boosting systems, water features, and drainage systems. We also offer design services.

State law requires that water pumps be repaired and installed by a licensed pump plumber/electrician. Northern Waters Inc. has experienced journeyman plumber/electricians on staff to take care of all your water pump needs.


Northern Waters Inc.'s team includes certified backflow assembly testers and specialty backflow plumbers. This means that we have the skills and experience to perform any necessary testing or repairs needed on all backflow prevention assemblies located inside or outside of a building.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation

Our technicians are qualified to install, replace, or remove any backflow prevention assembly located outside of a building.

What does a backflow assembly do?

Backflow is the reversal of water flow through pipes due to siphonage or backpressure. If backflow occurs in your irrigation system, it can cause water contaminated with chemicals or even animal wastes to be suctioned backwards into your drinking water. A Backflow Prevention Assembly is a mechanical valve that is designed to prevent possibly contaminated water from backflowing into the public water supply.

Maintenance Information

The Washington Administrative Code (WAC 246-290-490) requires that all irrigation systems connected to the public drinking water supply must be equipped with a backflow prevention assembly. It also states that this device, except in the case of atmospheric vacuum breaker valves, must be tested annually by a state-certified backflow assembly tester to verify that it is operating properly.

Common Backflow Assembly Applications Include:

  • Boat Lifts
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Boilers for Heating Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Radiant Heating Systems
  • Photo & Dialysis Equipment
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Features


Northern Waters Inc. provides complete service for your landscape lighting, which includes design and installation of new lighting, repair of your existing lighting, and re-lamping.

L.E.D. Conversions

Fixtures using incandescent bulbs will need to be re-lamped every one to two years. In contrast, L.E.D. lamps will last ten years or more. L.E.D. lamps also use one-tenth of the power of traditional bulbs, resulting in energy savings as well as reducing your electricity bill.

Available Options

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Reflective Lighting
  • Stairway Lighting
  • Step Lighting 
  • Specialty Lighting
  • LED Lighting

For your convenience, we provide on-site consultation and lighting demonstrations. This allows you to see how different lights and fixtures will enhance your home or building landscape.